Trading software for diverse clients – physical exchanges, heading funds, brokers

We trading software development for a variety of clients such as physical exchanges, hedge funds, prop stores, brokers and FCMs. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions including physical and financial trading platforms, financial and physical exchanges, advanced graphical interfaces and charts, market signals, after-sales service, routers and order gateways, as well as risk and position liquidation systems. Our solutions are available on both web, mobile and desktop platforms.

Our team of engineers and financial specialists work passionately to develop software that meets the unique requirements of our clients. With our experience and knowledge of technology and financial markets, we are able to provide innovative and effective tools that help our clients succeed in the competitive trading market.

We support physical exchanges by enabling them to effectively manage their trading volumes, providing advanced market analysis tools and enabling the smooth exchange of commodities. For hedge funds and prop stores, we provide tools that allow precise monitoring and management of portfolios, minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns.

Our advanced GUIs and charts allow our clients to intuitively monitor markets and make quick trading decisions. Market signals provided by our platform help identify potential investment opportunities. With after-market support systems, clients can efficiently track and manage their trades and positions.

Our solutions also include order routers and gateways that ensure fast and reliable transfer of orders to different trading platforms. Risk and position liquidation systems help minimize potential losses and manage risk.

It doesn’t matter whether our clients prefer access via web browser, mobile devices or desktops – our software is tailored to meet a variety of needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to create comprehensive and personalized solutions that help our clients succeed in the dynamic world of financial trading.